The motto that drives the Composad philosophy is: “Furnish while safeguarding the environment? Now you can.”
With Composad DIY furnishings, beauty it is always at the service of quality and functionality. Composad avail of the collaboration of experienced, creative designers, able to understand and meet the aesthetic and practical needs of customers anywhere in the world.
Tastes and needs are supported with a wide range of products, their style inspired by the evolution of Italian design that is able to blend practicality, elegance and international importance. The stylistic lines were designed specifically for this purpose: to innovate while respecting aesthetics and achieving maximum functionality. Composad RTA furniture is characterised also by the extreme simplicity of assembly: the parts are easy to assemble, complete with special mounting instructions, clear and simple.
All without ever neglecting respect for nature and care for the individual.

A new Life for Italian Design.