With Composad DIY furnishings, beauty it is always at the service of quality and functionality. Composad avail of the collaboration of experienced, creative designers, able to understand and meet the aesthetic and practical needs of customers anywhere in the world.
Tastes and needs are supported with a wide range of products, their style inspired by the evolution of Italian design that is able to blend practicality, elegance and international importance.


It is the real pride of Saviola Holding. Its extraordinary qualities make it practical and durable, therefore suitable to be the basic component of Composad furniture. Composad DIY furniture is made with melamine-faced panels; this is what makes it unique and exceptional. This material has revolutionised the furniture industry: over the years it has developed from a simple replacement of wood to being the protagonist of modern furniture design.


The constant search for perfection is reflected by the numerous certificates of excellence that Composad periodically receives.
In 2000 Composad obtained for the first time, from the Certiquality and Icila institutions, the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certification for the sector EA 23e: design and development, production, marketing and service of RTA furniture and semi-finished panels.

COMPOSAD is the top Italian manufacturer of RTA furniture.