It is the real pride of Saviola Holding. Its extraordinary qualities make it practical and durable, therefore suitable to be the basic component of Composad furniture. Composad DIY furniture is made with melamine-faced panels; this is what makes it unique and exceptional. This material has revolutionised the furniture industry: over the years it has developed from a simple replacement of wood to being the protagonist of modern furniture design.
Raw particleboard panel is converted into melamine-faced panel by a hot melt process with the decorative surface, which has been prepared beforehand for this process with passage in the impregnation systems; after being dipped, the panel absorbs the melamine resins necessary for transformation. Saviola Holding, through the reference business unit, has the most advanced presses of melamine facing in the world.

The product obtained has excellent qualities from the point of view of resistance to scratching, impact and the aggression of chemical and physical agents. Therefore the melamine-faced panel is durable, versatile, flexible, beautiful to behold, and high quality. The melamine-faced panel is also suitable for any type of surface decoration, and is available in various shades and colors. This aspect makes our RTA furniture real works of art.
The continued investment in the Group’s research has led to an outstanding result: the LEB (Lowest Emission Board) Ecological Panel. This is the panel with the lowest formaldehyde (used as glue) emission in the world, well below the parameters set by the strictest regulations. For the Saviola family environment is not just using 100% recycled wood, it is also safeguarding the individual: now with LEB it is possible.

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