Since childhood Mauro Saviola made wood his lifetime passion. From the beginning he believed in the possibility of recovering waste materials and unsold timber. This is where he had the innovative idea to create particleboard panels, 100% ecological, and he vigorously pursued the idea of an eco-sustainable industrial system, until the last days of his life.
The basic concept – producing furniture made of recycled wood – as well as innovative, it immediately revealed being a careful choice in respecting nature. Over the years production has grown steadily, to cover 35% of national demand. Today Mauro Saviola’s companies represent an important reality even outside Italy, with a constantly increasing turnover.
Close to 1,400 employees working in three divisions of the holding company are design and marketing experts, skilled highly specialised workers: people who Mauro Saviola liked to call “collaborators” rather than employees, thanks to the climate of affection and cordiality that has always reigned in the companies belonging to the holding company.